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Kernel panic" an action taken by an operating system after detecting an internal fatal error from which it cannot safely recover.

"Kernel Panic Oggcast" an oggcast, that after the introduction, spirals to a fatal digression from which it cannot safely recover.

Join us each fortnight as we discuss all the latest linux news, linux gadgets and whatever else pops up. Be that fishing, woodwork, recipes, basket weaving, you name it.

The Kernelpanic Oggcast is recorded "Live" every fortnight (give or take) on Saturdays, 10pm EST at, Sunday Arvo's for the Ozzies.

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Latest Episode: 2014-08-26 21:22:59

Don't make me laugh

Just 20 Days to go to help our friend 5150. This week Dan and ThistleWeb join us to discuss the Adam Carolla V Personal Audio law suit. Dan and his company help 50 out with a desk and chair. Az redoes his mythbox and reintroduces us to Shadowmagic, We discuss Mythtv and XBMC, guns and chainsaws, just the usual stuff

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